Race Car Services

Years of experience and development through multiple chassis has provided us with the tools to build & prepare any chassis for success.

Amor Autosport provides an array of race services for the Motorsport enthusiast & hardcore club racer including but not limited to:

Roll Cages

Safety is the most important thing to consider when heading off to go race a vehicle. We offer full multi-point roll cage fabrication to meet any rulebook (NASA, SCCA, PPIHC). Working closely with the driver we can build the cage around you to make sure it fits just how you like.

  • Window net mounting
  • Electrical cut-off switches
  • Fire System installation


  • Complete Exhaust & Intake Systems
  • Stitch Welding
  • V-Mount
  • Dry-Sump Systems
  • Air Jacks
  • and Much More

Engine swaps

Whether it’s More Power potential, reliability, or the desire to build something unique we can assist with the engine swap you’re interested in. Popular swaps include Chevy LS, 2JZ, K-series, and more.

Services include:

  • Engine Mounts
  • Transmission Adapter Solutions
  • Wiring Harness
  • Fuel System
  • Cooling System
  • and everything else that is required to get the engine running in the chassis of your choice.

Engine Builds & Blueprinting

A great engine build requires a good machinist and we work with the best to provide the best. Every engine build is different depending on the intended use. We start by measuring every bearing & piston tolerance to assure a properly assembled engine. Whether it’s a daily driven street engine or high horsepower road race engine we can build it.

Suspension Setup & Corner Balancing

A car will only ever be as good as it’s suspension allows. The suspension connects the tire to the road, even the most expensive & exotic racecars can be improved with improving the suspension. Our full suspension setup service includes setting base height adjustment, spring preload, ride height, visual check of bump steer & camber gain throughout full suspension travel, corner balancing, and finally alignment. Additionally, provided enough information we can offer adjustment recommendations post-setup on any car.

Full or multi-season sponsorship & support

We want to support the drivers who are fueling the Motorsport community. If you’re competing in full seasons of any competition series we would like to participate in your program. Support packages vary per driver/team so contact us to discuss opportunities further.